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Analysis Of The Movie Beauty And The Beast - 1416 Words

Twenty-six years ago, children were mystified by the story of a bookworm girl and her journey that found her true love. Beauty and the Beast captured the hearts of many and grew into a staple Disney movie. It follows Belle—a beautiful, but misunderstood young adult. After she found her way to a fantastical castle, her world changed completely. The original movie caused many children and adults to connect and find themselves within the characters. Consequently, they decided to make a live action version of the film a quarter of a century later. Bill Condon, the director of the 2017 film, added dimension to the characters by further explaining their backgrounds. Facts about Belle’s mom and the Beast’s family brought new sides that the 1991†¦show more content†¦Additionally, the movie allows other lessons such as telling people that they should dare to be different and that they should love to learn. Maurice, Belle’s father, and Belle show that being different should be celebrated by their new, fascinating inventions that they always make. Also, Belle and Beast show that learning is important when they go through the library and discuss their favorite books. However, some people may not believe that Beauty and the Beast gives out the best morals. For some people, Gaston’s actions may cause negative feelings for the movie. Gaston’s actions are unforgivable and narcissistic, but they are for a greater purpose. Having Gaston in the movie allows for the Beast to have an antithesis. Beast is beautiful on the inside and hideous on the outside, yet Gaston’s elegant features are overshadowed by his unsightly heart. While Gaston is a bad character and should not be a role model, he helps portray the incredible message that the finest beauty is from someone’s brain and heart. As well as having a teachable lesson, family films usually need to have a wide range of subgenres. Family movies, as a whole, encompass a wide variety of movies. For example, The Wizard of Oz is seen as a family movie, but it also falls into the adventure and fantasy genres (Dirks). Beauty and the Beast is similar in the way that it also has two other genres it falls under: musical and fantasy. From the start of the movie toShow MoreRelatedMovie Analysis : Beauty And The Beast1755 Words   |  8 PagesThe first time I viewed the live-action movie â€Å"Beauty and the Beast† I was at home and it was June 2017, the film was first released in March of 2017. I was very intrigued to view this film upon hearing of its release, because like many children who grew up in the 1990’s I enjoyed the animated version. This film is categorized in a children/fantasy genre. This genre allows the film to relate to both children and adults. In this film there is singing and magical creatures to relate to children, withRead MoreBeauty And The Beast Analysis1525 Words   |  7 PagesBeauty and the Beast is perhaps one of the most well-known fairy tales in the Walt Disney production and has been a part of our lives growing up. Most people have either seen the animated version or heard about the fairy tale. The recent remake of the 1991 animated version is aimed to contend against criticism for romanticizing Stockholm Syndrome (Duff, 23). Looking back to the animated version of Beauty and the Beast through modern lenses, certain features of the movie start to appear problematicRead MoreEssay on Analysis of the Play Beauty and the Beast1022 Words   |  5 PagesAnalysis of the Play Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast was an amazing musical, many say it was much better than the movie. Just like the movie. It starts off in a faraway land, with the Young Prince who lived in a shining castled. The prince was spoiled, selfish and unkind. An old beggar woman came to the castle and offered him a single rose in return for shelter from the bitter cold. Repulsed by her haggard appearance, the Prince sneered at the gift and turned the old woman awayRead MoreEssay about Film Analysis of King Kong Produced by Merian C. Cooper651 Words   |  3 PagesFilm Analysis of King Kong Produced by Merian C. Cooper A classic adventure-fantasy film in the earlier talking films is King Kong (1933). King Kong was conceived by director/producer Merian C. Cooper. Cooper tells the story of an attractive blonde woman and a frightening gigantic ape-monster who are immersed in a Beauty and the Beast type tale. A major section of the film is the struggle on Skull Island between the filmmakers, the islanders, and the other resident of the islandRead MoreAnalysis Of Bruno Bettelheim s Beauty And The Beast 1414 Words   |  6 Pagesterms of Freudian psychology, which is represented in his works of The Uses of Enchantment. Beaumont’s story of Beauty and the Beast is where the first discovery of Beauty’s problem was identified as the Oedipal complex. The Oedipal complex is a child’s desire to have a sexual relation with the parent of the opposite sex, but it is repressed deep in the mind. Beauty in Beauty and the Beast has a special bond of affection with her father; there is the problem that arises within this complex that whatRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of How Of Read Literature Like A Professor By Thomas C. Foster1089 Words   |  5 PagesEhren Lewis Mrs. Mary Smith Ap literature 20 September 2017 Analysis of Symbolism in†How to Read Literature Like a Professor† â€Å"How to read Literature like a Professor† by Thomas C. Foster is a very helpful book that goes over multiple literary strategies on how to read literature like a professor or someone with his literary skill. . With all of these literary strategies, symbolism is one that recurs frequently the throughout the entire book. Foster’s use of different techniques of symbolismRead MoreThe Lion King, Beauty And The Beast, And Sleeping Beauty1663 Words   |  7 Pagesmeanings of these children s stories. Walt Disney portrays children s tales as a simple, fun form of entertainment, but the original stories reveal the bigger truths, changes, and adversities of these children books. The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Sleeping Beauty are three of the many children s stories that have controversial backgrounds. No matter the time frame, these stories have their differences, but strangely enough have more than plenty similarities. Mid-1994, Walt Disney PicturesRead MoreThe Disney Princesses857 Words   |  3 PagesSome figures that have been very important and influential to young children for a long time are the Disney Princesses. There are many features about these characters that make them so loved however after careful analysis is becomes obvious that these are not the kinds of characters children should be idolizing. Many young girls spend a large amount of their life wanting to be a princess but Disney’s portrayal of princesses makes this not seem so desirable. A princess according to Disney is a youngRead MoreDisney Summary On Disney s The Little Mermaid 1788 Words   |  8 PagesDisney Comparative Analysis The Disney Renaissance era from 1989 to 1999 (Kearns) was the time when Walt Disney Animation Studious produced successful well-known stories into animated films that brought a lot of critical and public interest to the Walt Disney Company. One example is the article written by Laura Sells â€Å"Where Do the Mermaids Stand?† In the article she quarrels and critiques the narrowness of the representation of women in society and how they are assigned value based onRead MoreAnalysis Of Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs1411 Words   |  6 Pages 2017 â€Æ' Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Film Critique Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1938), is a fantasy film written by Ted Sears and Richard Creedon. This animated movie, made by Disney, was created so young children can watch and enjoy all over the world. This is a very popular film because it was the first animated movie created in England and made in color. In the 1930’s no one expected the technology to be that great and it exceeded everyone’s expectations. Formalist Theory is the critiques

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Should Gay Marriage Be Treated Equal - 995 Words

Have you ever wonder how it felt to have a partner for 30 years, but according to the law, you are not a family member? Has your partner been sick and you could not make any decisions regarding their health, because you are not family? Also, this person for whom you have shared your life with cannot and will not qualify for health insurance as a spouse? Hospitals cannot legally allow gay partners to receive medical information about their condition without it being a blood relative. These are all just some of the difficulties that gay people have encountered for many years. We as heterosexual people do not encounter these problems and take it for granted that everybody is and should be treated equal. It is an issue about equal rights. Gay marriage is a reality, it is just that society needs to be accepting and force laws to change. Just think about this, there are approximately eight million adults that are either gay, lesbian or bisexual and compromise about three and half percent of the adult population (Gates, 2011) Gay married should be legalized for many reasons. It would help the gay couples out economically, because they would be able to have insurance for their spouse. The couple would also be able to file taxes as a legal couple, married couples have better tax incentives (Marriage Bonus) and deductibles than do single couples. Not to mention that these couples could make decision for each other in time of a health crisis. These couples would also be ableShow MoreRelatedSame Sex Marriage and Politics in the U.S. Essay800 Words   |  4 PagesSex Marriage has become a major issue in the United States. There are variations in opinions concerning the topic. The main concern is should same sex marriage be allowed or declared unconstitutional. Plenty of conservatives are completely against gay marriage and many of liberals are fighting for equal treatment. Many controversies and arguments have developed from this issue. There are many reasons why gay marriage should be legal or illega l. The people who oppose same sex marriage or alsoRead MoreEssay about Lets Legalize Gay Marriage872 Words   |  4 PagesLet’s Legalize Gay Marriage Gay marriage is a right. Heterosexual couples are allowed to enjoy all the marriage benefits, so why shouldn’t same-sex couples be able to? Why should other people be able to choose who marries who? If a man and a woman get married, no one seems to care. Gay marriage should be legal because it’s an issue of equal rights, it would save society money, and it will increase the chances for foster children to be adopted into loving families. Same-sex marriage is an issueRead MoreSame Sex Marriage990 Words   |  4 PagesSupporters of gay marriage argue around the concept of equality in America. Our country is said to be found on the principle that all men are created equal, so that make it hypocritical to deny the rights of homosexuals, as it was hypocritical to deny freedom to African Americans or to prohibit women s suffrage. Supporters also believe that Gays should be allows the same benefits as regular married couples. For instance, only through marriage do same sex couples have the rights to their partnerRead MoreGay Marriage Should Be Legal873 Words   |  4 PagesGay marriage is a topic that is widely discussed and debated similar to racism or women’s rights, but now that gay marriage is legal people are still trying to ban their freedom statewide. All American couples deserve decent health care, spousal death benefits, and all other privileges afforded through marriage. Same sex unions should not be dif ferent from heterosexual marriages. Same sex couples have been denied tremendous amounts of health benefits, but with the legalization of gay marriage doRead MoreGay Marriage Should Be Legal1437 Words   |  6 PagesHomosexuals are disrespected and treated unfairly, such as a look from a person who isn’t gay or called names such as â€Å"faggot,† simply because their sexual orientation, why? If homosexuals pay their taxes, help build roads and pay public schools just like heterosexual couples then gay couple should have the same rights as opposite sex couples do. In the case of Baker v. Vermont, in the year 2000, â€Å"Vermont’s groundbreaking law establishing civil unions took effect, providing families of samesex couplesRead MoreHomosexuality and Human Rights Essay1383 Words   |  6 PagesHave you ever been treated so unfairly, but knew there was very little you could do to change it? If so, then you know exactly how many of the homosexuals in the world feel about the right to marry. Many homosexuals feel that this right has been kept just out of reach for them, due to others who despise them. These individuals believe that being gay is wrong, immoral and disgusting; but this is definitely not the case. Gay marriage should be allowed in the United States because this decisionRead MoreLife Liberty and the Pursuit of Same Sex Marriage Though the United States in modern times has1200 Words   |  5 Pagesthe Pursuit of Same Sex Marriage Though the United States in modern times has fostered a politically correct environment, where any form of bigotry or bias is frowned upon and scorned, and though we live in a country that was founded upon the principle of equality, gay and lesbian Americans today still struggle for acceptance, and to be allowed in all fifty states to legally marry their partner. While this nation has fought bigotry and bias for many years, the same sex marriage issue came into focusRead MoreGay Marriage Should Remain Legal in California998 Words   |  4 Pages(Murphy). Although marriage between same-sex marriages interferes with the traditional purpose of marriage, procreation; gay marriage should remain legal in California because it justifies equality by allowing them to be socially accepted in society, it creates equality economically for taxes and finances, and reiterates that religious beliefs in all faiths should not dictate society. The traditional purpose of a marriage is procreation. Many people fear that same-sex marriages will interfere withRead MoreEssay about Gay And Lesbians Marriage970 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Gay and lesbians Marriage People question themselves all the time, what is love? There are numerous definitions of what love is but love in my opinion is when two people different feel connected doesn’t matter what race, nationality, or gender. Love lies within every human. Every human being should have the full right to love whoever they want. There should not be any discrimination against love. Love has many different form, some that people will never understand such as gay and lesbian love.Read MoreEssay on Homosexual Rights and Equality1242 Words   |  5 Pagespoliticians believe that everyone should be treated equally especially because it is stated in the United States Declaration of Independence. Our founding fathers wrote these words to protect all individuals. Those Americans who abide by the rules and who are upstanding citizens have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. However, Americans who are not the typical heterosexual are restricted from their rights even if they are faithful citizens. Gay and lesbian couples are discriminated

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Unanswered Questions Into Ielts Essay Samples Revealed

Unanswered Questions Into Ielts Essay Samples Revealed You are able to submit your essay by registering for evaluation. Our sample essay has a very simple but fantastic introduction in which it demonstrates that the examinee has knowledge of this issue and clearly states the writer's position to prepare the remainder of the essay. An academic essay always must be relevant. A well-structured essay has a great introduction, body paragraphs that are simple to follow and connect with each other, and a great conclusion. The Key to Successful Ielts Essay Samples It's evident that quality is also regarding the value of an offer, which might generate satisfaction or dissatisfaction on the portion of the user. Inside my opinion it's Band 8. You've outlined what it is you are likely to chat about and at the exact same time made your opinion very apparent. Do you want to know how to boost your ielts band score. The Hidden Truth About Ielts Essay Samples The usage of the web, magaz ines ought to be limited. Reply for the posts only as long as you're confident that the information you're providing is absolutely accurate. A shallow topic on the opposite hand will barely give new details. Evidently, there are lower digits on the sector, but there isn't any way an individual can maintain the job of actual professionals with a price like that. The Supreme Strategy for Ielts Essay Samples It's possible to collaborate with the writer we assign as much as you wish to, and you'll get absolutely free revisions if you are not totally pleased with the completed paper. Your academic essay should evoke an emotion that is needed to spark different ideas, opinions and other types of responses. Our essay writing company stipulates the very best marketing essays which are of top quality. Examine the model essay and read the comments. At any time you order your management essays from our writing company are guaranteed to acquire customized papers that are original. It is thus important to be widely read and informed of the topic you are likely to discuss about in your advertising essay. If you're still struggling, attempt to use our sample topics list for a source of your inspiration. Try to consider the problem you're interested in exploring. Our advertising paper writing service can supply you with the academic help of the maximum quality. It is an essential ingredient in a company. On the positive side, it helps to increase customer awareness hence enhancing the boyttomline of a company. Indeed, in the current day and age, it has become a must for organizations operating in the global marketplace. Customer satisfaction over the business can be accomplished by giving excellent service quality. With the most suitable solution, idea or service in mind it will become simple for the advertising essay writer to thoroughly study the market requirements as a way to enhance the caliber of the item service or idea while at precisely the same time widening the competion gap with the other providers of the very same in the industry. You must get your goods or service facing your customers. The expression Product' refers to both tangible bodily goods and solutions. An academic letter is not only a document that can showcase your mastery when it has to do with a distinct academic subject. There are someA last minute essay writingA activities that are complete in a variety of fields especially if students feel an academic essay is only part of their requirements. Hence in regards to completing marketing essay papers, a student may come across problems completing the identical because of the deficiency of time or skill. Some people think that university students should have to attend classes. The Birth of Ielts Essay Samples There are several ecofriendly technological alternatives to what society utilizes today that are not as damaging for nature. There's no need to worry. Also, certain kinds of information in the incorrect hands can be devastating for society. If you prefer marketing paper help, you need to consider asking it from people that are really skilled in doing academic assignments. The War Against Ielts Essay Samples You absolutely must develop a placement strategy that is centered on 21st Century technologies as a way to successfully compete in the modern marketplace. The increase of internet marketing and the debut of the World Wide Web and mobile telephony have transformed the procedure of marketing. Gaming consoles that are the greatest and yet reasonably priced. Always remember your academic essay ought to be playful it must not bore y our audience. If don't have any idea what an ielts essay appears like or will need to boost your writing skills you're in the appropriate place. The motive of your essay is crucial to be deemed as it can identify whether you may be of help to the individuals who want a distinct educational reference. The course materials which you have to speak about within an academic essay can reflect your degree of understanding about the topic. In other words, an academic essay may be an evidence of the depth of your research procedures and the rest of the activities which you've executed so you can support the content of your written output. The notion of place has come a very long way, developed by utilizing geographic analysis of selling and buying of services or goods, in the digital market place globally. If buying a paper from an on-line company, the very last thing you would want to encounter is a complicated procedure which causes unnecessary stress. To allow you to have a smooth stream of ideas, begin the advertising essay by reviewing works of different experts of that area.

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Case Study Crew Resource Management

Question: Discuss about the Case Studyfor Crew Resource Management. Answer: An operational manager has the duty of supervising each and every operational activity that is carried in the organizations to which he is made the charge of. To explain it in simpler terms, operational managers are appointed at a senior level with the responsibilities of making sure that the organization is running as best as possibly it can run. He has to ensure that smooth efficient service is available that would help to meet the expectations of clients and needs of customers (Tompa et al. 2016). Out of the various jobs that Richard has to oversee, there was a task of monitoring, that the day to day activities are running smoothly in the airport authorities and the associated organizations. Being the operational manager, he was in charge of supervising the day to day task that included a variety of activities. This included proper maintenance of the airways, managing slot allocations in association with the airlines, ensuring safety management systems and looking over the maintenance of a fully trained crew. Catering outlets, booking hotel rooms, cars and customer services for the passengers were also essential parts. He has also appointed a facility management team and engineering services which also helps in the daily activities by properly monitoring the whole sites. In this business, one can notice that different days often face with different types of challenges and therefore every worker are allotted with their specific roles, so that there arises no confusion and commo tion (Flin and Wilkinson 2013). The reputation and customer trusts arise from the comfortable and hassle free service that is always provided by an organization. An organizational can avoid long term issues like less profit margins, less customer trust and reliability, worker unrest, strikes, miscommunication among different departments, unwilling arrogant workers, unplanned chaotic approach only when the organization adopts perfect strategies that would suit with the companys mission and vision (Weiss 2014). Birmingham airport has always set up an aim of making the best names in the industry and Richard, the operational manager has dedicatedly performed his roles effectively as a leader helping the organization to achieve it. He had well understood that more smoother the day to day activities can be carried out, the lesser will be the chance of long term issues. The long term issues that are mentioned above can only be prevented if from the very beginning it is made sure that each and every worker understand their role effectively and carry out their daily activates efficiently. One can find from the case study that Richard ensured proper communication between the organizations and their members so that they are pleased with their roles and know how to carry each and every day challenges effectively. Richard has managed different works effectively by appointing duty managers who handle the daily uncertainties that may occur like flight delays and diversions. These issue need to be handled with great efficiency to prevent customers from undergoing a chaotic situation which will make them late and cause harassment to them if not maintained properly. Moreover Richard has also been successful in appointing trained terminal managers who have been assigned a set of roles to meet the daily activities and the demands of the customers that rise from the daily basis. They look over everything that may arise from crisis like emergency evacuation where they have to look over the passenger processing, security clearance model so that there arise no commotion and the following procedures can be conducted peacefully without mixing passengers and overdoing the procedures again. Operation duty managers are given the responsibility of handling delays and clearing of snows during falls in effective ways without hampering passenger comfort and completing work without making further flight delays. Organizations and their workers who are united, satisfied, knowledgeable about their assigned roles, free from confusion, leaded efficiently and share a same goal can reach the peak of success easily (Scott and Davies 2015). References: Flin, R. and Wilkinson, J., 2013, April. Non-technical skills and crew resource management. InEuropean HSE Conference and Exhibition. Society of Petroleum Engineers. Scott, W.R. and Davis, G.F., 2015.Organizations and organizing: Rational, natural and open systems perspectives. Routledge. Tompa, E., Robson, L., Sarnocinska-Hart, A., Klassen, R., Shevchenko, A., Sharma, S., Hogg-Johnson, S., Amick, B.C., Johnston, D.A., Veltri, A. and Pagell, M., 2016. Managing safety and operations: the effect of joint management system practices on safety and operational outcomes.Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine,58(3), pp.e80-e89 Weiss, J.W., 2014.Business ethics: A stakeholder and issues management approach. Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

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Customer Relationship Marketing Essays - Marketing, Business

Customer Relationship Marketing Literature Review The Evolving Sales and Marketing Landscape Marketing and business development professionals are confronting a rapidly different and changing business landscape. The traditional business model that was once the standard is now being transformed due to technology drivers that make advanced marketing and sales capabilities possible. The business model of yesterday supported mass marketing, mass production, and standardized cookie-cutter products and services. Enterprises will have fall behind the competition if they continue to rely and operate on this substandard model. Today, companies are re-engineering their operations and investing in enhanced IT infrastructures, which enable them to provide customized, personalized, information-rich products and services. The new objective for marketers and business developers involves understanding the needs of their clients and the markets that they serve. This new focus on providing customer value is redefining business processes. Professionals, who understand and anticipate this shift, are positioning themselves ahead of the competition. The Impact of Technology Enabled Business Processes There is no denying the effect that technology has had on the way we conduct business. In recent years, technology has begun to play a significantly larger role in all aspects of business, including sales and marketing. Business processes must be re-engineered to incorporate a pro-active strategy for using information and IT to build a competitive advantage over other organizations. In many instances, the functionality provided by sales and marketing technology only automates current processes. Therefore, it is imperative that processes are clearly defined and well proven. Automating a poorly understood or followed process usually results in failure. Technology must be used as an enabler to support an already sound sales and marketing strategy. Beyond automating sales and marketing capabilities, technology is now designed to provide professionals with a wealth of information about their company's clients and the markets that they serve. Companies are now able to collect data about their customers that when analyzed and utilized properly, can result in a competitive advantage. Online shopping is a prime example. If a customer makes a purchase, then the transaction is completed and revenue is generated. However, if a sales transaction is not made, the company still collects the shopper's behavioral data and stores it in a marketing database. The company then has the opportunity to segment and analyze this data in order to learn more about that particular customer shopping habits. An analysis can then be performed to determine why this person did not make a purchase as well as what can be done differently to persuade this person to buy their product. The company can now position the four Ps of marketing: product, price, promotion, and place to better serve this customer. This process the company has taken unlitmately succeeds in developing a relationship with the customer. The company now knows more about what the customers preferences are and how to offer them. Consequently, the customer has a vested interest in the relationship as well, and is more likely to conduct business with that company in the future. The Shift to Relationship Marketing Though many of today's marketing practices have evolved due to increasing technology, the marketing environment still centers around the four Ps of marketing described above. However, in order to remain competitive, companies must create a unique set of those four Ps which appeal to each individual customer and sets them apart from their competitors. Target marketing is no longer an efficient use of marketing efforts because a great deal of

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Essay Sample on Henry Ford The Key Data to Know

Essay Sample on Henry Ford The Key Data to Know Henry Ford was one of the first American industrialists. He is best known for his revolutionary achievements in the automobile industry. His love for automobiles started at the age of sixteen. But before that, he was just another small-town farmer. The Ford farm was located near Dearborn, Michigan. It was here Henry Ford was born, on July 20,1863. He went to local district schools like the rest of the children from his town. In 1880 Henry became a machinists apprentice in Detroit, where he learned the basics. Then only two years later Ford became a certified machinist, but returned to the family farm. 1888 to 1899 he was a mechanical engineer, and later chief engineer, with the Edison Illuminating Company. Ford married in 1891 and he and his bride, Clara Bryant, left the farm in Michigan and moved to Detroit. His life prospered in Detroit and with the birth of his daughter Edsel, in 1893, many people believed he should get a job that was more stable than trying to build cars. Most believed they were simple toys and would never replace the horse-drawn carriage. Then on the morning of June 4, 1896 Henry finished his first ever car, which became known as the Quadricycle. He took it for a drive around his block as many people stared. It was only big enough for him, even though his wife was excited about taking a ride in the horseless carriage. Soon she would get the experience, when he made the seat bigger and took to car out to his parents home. Finally having his work taken seriously, Henry formed the Ford Motor Company in 1903. Before his first year was up of owning the company the first Model A appeared on the market in Detroit. This would lead to many publicity events and even a law suit with the ALAM over the Selden Patent, which he eventually won. Then in 1908 he brought out the extremely popular the Model T. By 1912 Ford had many new ideas on ways In 1913 Ford began using the same parts and assembly-line techniques in his plant. Even though Ford did not come up with the idea or was the first to us assembly-line ideas, he was mainly responsible for their general adoption and for the following great development of American industry and the raising of the American standard of living. Around early 1914 this improvement, even though it greatly increased production, had resulted in a monthly labor earnings of 40 to 60 percent in his factory, mostly because of the unpleasant dullness of assembly-line work and repeated increases in the production quotas assigned to workers. Ford met this trouble by increasing his workers pay from what the normal manual laborer was making, $2.50, to $5. This increased stability in his labor force and a large decrease in operating costs. These factors, along with the huge increase in output made possible by new hi-tech methods, led to a doubling in company profits in two years. They went from $30 million in 1914 to $60 million in 1916. In 1927 the Model T was discontinued for a newer up-to-date version of the Model A. The company ended up selling almost 15 million cars. But in the next few years Ford’s leadership of the American car industry (as the largest producer and seller) dropped with his trouble of introducing a new car every year which had now become normal in the car business. During the 1930s Ford adopted the policy of the yearly changeover, but his company was unable to regain the position it had held before. From 1937 to 1941, the Ford company was the only major manufacturer of automobiles in the Detroit area that did not have any labor union as the collective bargaining spokesperson of employees. There were hearings in front of the National Labor Relations Board Ford in which Ford was found guilty of repeated violations of the National Labor Relations Act. The findings against him were upheld on appeal to the federal courts. Ford was forced to make a standard labor contract after a successful strike by the workers at his main plant at River Rouge, Michigan, in April 1941. In early 1941 the government granted Ford contracts which stated he was, at first, to manufacture parts for bombers and at one point an entire airplane. He then started the construction of a large plant at Willow Run, Michigan. His plant was a success, as it manufactured more than 8000 planes by the end of WW1. Henry Ford had many other accomplishments other than just that of cars. He went on peace ship to try to help stop WW1, was nominated for U.S. senator from Michigan, but he was defeated. In the next year he built the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit which cost nearly 7.5 million. In 1919 he became the publisher of a weekly journal called the Dearborn Independent. Ford was forced to retire from the active work of his many enterprises in 1945. He died two years later on April 7,1947 of stroke. Most of Ford’s fortune, estimated to have been between $500 to $700 million, went to the Ford Motor Company and started the nonprofit organization called the Ford Foundation.

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How do comparative advantage and Internet technologies act as driving Essay

How do comparative advantage and Internet technologies act as driving forces for the creation of global markets Provide a speci - Essay Example The leadership style and the management techniques of Japanese firms were also elements of these firms’ systemwide advantages. These advantages were gradually transformed incorporating other elements, such as the brand name advantages (Porter, 1986, p.38). Through the decades the Japanese firms managed to improve their position in the global market using their comparative advantages – as explained above – in order to make their brand names popular. From this point of view, it could be stated that comparative advantage can have a crucial role in the creation of the global market. Internet technologies had also a crucial role in the creation of the global market. This fact is proved by the case of Amazon bookstore; the above enterprise managed to expand its activities worldwide by developing an effective electronic marketing scheme (Hollensen, 2007, p.87). Through the Internet the firm has been able to communicate with customers worldwide, to collect important data on the consumers’ preferences – in the context of the international market – and to arrange the delivery of its products in customers around the world (Hollensen, 2007, p.87). It is made clear that without the Internet technologies, the specific firm would not be able to enter the global market. References Hollensen, S. (2007). Global marketing: a decision-oriented approach.

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Capitalism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Capitalism - Essay Example Trading, banking and the production of certain goods was done on a capitalistic basis and thrived in and amongst the Ancient Greek city-states. During the era of Roman supremacy, capitalist methods developed further. The Roman government protected trade, interest rates came down and the standard of living improved. With the collapse of the Roman Empire capitalism practically disappeared. After a long period of stagnation, a revival of trade began and commercial and capitalist activity gradually increased as early as the 11th century. The Crusades contributed significantly to this revival due to the large scale movement of men and supplies from Europe to the Holy Land. This transport enriched merchants and ship-owners of several Italian cities. Italy, especially Venice, became the leader of this revival of commerce, industry and capitalism. Besides Italy, the Hanseatic League in northern Europe, and numerous other regions, such as the Netherlands, also shared in the revival of capital ism by the end of the 15th century. At this point further development was hindered by three obstacles; 1. The expense of overland travel, 2. An inadequate supply of gold and silver to serve as a medium of exchange and, 3. The restrictive practices of the guilds. All of these obstacles were to be overcome within the next centuries. The rise of the modern nation state was also closely associated with the rise of the modern capitalistic economy. The royal monarchs who created the national states after the Middle Ages made great use of the rising middle class in overcoming the feudal nobility. The strength of this middle class lay was in its wealth gained through capitalistic enterprises. It was the great voyages of discovery made by mariners in the late 15th and early 16th centuries that opened up the era of capitalist economy on a scale more vast than anything dreamed of began the era of the global economy. So great was this expansion and so significant were the changes it

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Design And Build Method Construction Essay

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Design And Build Method Construction Essay While construction contracts serves as a means of pricing construction, they also structure the allocation of risk to the various parties involved. The construction field is a very extensive and unique in each project. In this world most of the projects are managed by contracts. And as a principle to manage the project effectively we should first manage the contracts. The owner has the sole power to decide what type of contract delivery method should be used for a specific facility to be constructed and to set forth the terms in a contractual agreement. A firm has to choose the right delivery method which is project to project base and present its bid offer to the engineer/client during tendering stage to enable it to present competitive price and win the project without compromising the functional and the quality of the project. Choosing the right method to deliver the project will ease the project execution and give flexibility during construction as well as saving money and time for a firm and subsequently the same to the owner. It is important to understand the risks of the contractors associated with different type of delivery methods. In this instant you may ask what the contract delivery methods are and we should choose the right delivery methods. Projects delivery methods. There are three types of project delivery methods. In this section we will concentrate on design and Build because it s the best method for small and medium projects. 1- Tender or design-bid-build method In this type the owner/client will choose engineer to design the whole project and get the Approvals from authorities then floating tender to choose suitable contractor for the Construction under his supervision. In this type of method the client /engineer has full control of the project and the contractor has to comply with full design given by the engineer. Most suitable type of contract for this method is lump sum contract which the price given by the Contractor is fixed and the whole project is already designed and the scope of work is clear and fully detailed. 2-indefinite quantity contract method Under this type of contract there shall be no design and it is based on maintenance or repairing projects. Under this agreement the owner and the contractor will upfront set up prices for the labors and Equipments and markup etc 3- Design and build method. The term design-build refers to a range of alternatives to the traditional project delivery system. A useful way to look at design-build is by what it is not. Traditional design-bid-build is a segmented, sequential process in which the owner first contracts With a design professional to prepare detailed, suitable-for-construction plans and specifications (or Sometimes has them prepared by its in-house engineers), then uses the detailed plans and Specifications to solicit competitive bids for construction, and finally awards the construction Contract to the low bidder. Design-build means a procurement process in which both the design and construction of A project is procured from a single contractor. Usually, the design-build contract is awarded by some process other than competitive bidding Providing the best value (in price, features, functions [and] life-cycle costs) Thus, design-build differs from traditional design-bid-build in two ways. First, the design and construction components are packaged into a single contract. Second, the single contract is not necessarily awarded to the low bidder after competitive bidding I-Why Design-Build? (Advantages) Potential Cost Savings Design-build has the potential to reduce over-all project cost because the design-build contractor performing the design has a better feel for the construction cost of various alternatives, Thus can come up with a design that is less expensive to build and has an incentive to do so. Another way to look at this advantage is that it moves value engineering cost reduction incentive After contract award (with the contractor proposing cost-reduction ideas and sharing the savings with the owner) to pre-award (with the owner enjoying most of the cost savings). B. Earlier Project Completion Design-build may result in earlier completion and occupancy of the project because there is no Dead time between completion of design and start of construction. Further, the design-build Contractor can begin construction of early phases of the project (e.g. mobilization, site utilities, Foundations) before design of later phases (building envelope, interior partitions, HVAC, electrical) Is 100 percent complete? This process sometimes is referred to as fast track. C. Reduced Claims Exposure Design-build eliminates the liability gap. Design professionals can obtain insurance coverage only for negligent errors and omissions, and virtually all design contracts limit the designers liability to such. However, there can be non-negligent errors and omissions, which cost the owner money but for which the design professional is not liable. For example, a design professional may undertake Reasonable subsurface investigations but fail to detect a rock outcropping that will require additional work. In the traditional design-bid-build approach, the owner warrants the correctness of the plans and Specifications to the construction contractor. There can be design mistakes for which the owner is liable to the construction contractor under the Warranty of correctness but cannot transfer the liability on to the design professional. Even when the designer is in fact negligent, proving negligence can be difficult. The owner must obtain a certificate of merit from another design professional and then prove that the designer failed to meet the applicable professional standard of care, which requires expert testimony. On the other hand, the contractor usually can prove there was a defect in the plans that cost the Contractor money based on fact testimony alone. Thus, the owner may have to bear the cost. Design- build eliminates this gap because the design-bid build entity has no one but itself to blame For defective plans and specifications or differing site conditions. D. New Technologies Public Contracts usually prohibits brand-name or model-number specifications unless the Specification lists at least two brand names and is followed by the phrase or equal. This makes it difficult for traditional design-bid-build to reach innovative, proprietary Products where there may be only one brand-name and no equal. Further, substitution of a new or equal product for a standard product often is impracticable Because of the ripple effect. The designer designs the project around current generation Products and substitution of new or equal products after bidding can require revisions to structure, mechanical or electrical components to accommodate the new product. Who is going to pay for these ripple changes? Design-build resolves this problem. The design-build contractor selects the equipment (right down to make and model number) and Then designs the building around the selected equipment, which is a more logical way to proceed. In fact, the design-build contractor can sometimes obtain free design assistance from equipment Manufacturers desiring that their new technologies be used. E. Over-All Project Optimization Design-bid-build can suffer from sub-optimization when individual project participants optimize their own positions, often at the expense of the over-all project. The total cost to the owner of a building element, such as the steel frame, includes the cost of the engineering to determine the required steel sections plus the cost of the steel. The designer has little incentive to use a sharp pencil to achieve the minimum amount of Structural steel; he optimizes his own position by spending only the design time necessary to Ensure that there is enough steel to meet gravity and seismic loads, often by employing Conservative assumptions that may result in more steel than necessary. So, the owner may save money on design but pay for it in steel. With design-build, on the other hand, the design-build entity has an incentive to use the Optimum amount of engineering. As long as an additional dollar of engineering will save more than one dollars worth of steel, the design-build contractor will spend the engineering time up To the point of diminishing returns when an additional dollars worth of engineering saves only a Dollar s worth of steel because both the cost of design and the cost of steel come out of the same pocket. This is not to say that design-build results in flimsy or less-safe structures. More (steel, concrete, etc.) is not necessarily better. Simply specifying extra steel or concrete in one place because the engineer does not have the time or incentive to calculate exactly how much is actually required does not improve the over-all performance of the building. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If the owner wants a building with higher floor Loadings, less floor deflection or resistance to a bigger earthquake than required by code, then The way to achieve this is by placing that requirement on the design-build entity up front not by Hoping that the designer will throw in some extra steel or concrete because he or she does not have time in the budget to use a sharp pencil. F.Reduced Administrative Burden Design-build may reduce the administrative burden on the owner because there is one solicitation, one award and one contract to administer. G. Earlier Cost Visibility The total cost of the project is apparent earlier with design-build. In traditional design-bid-build, Construction costs are not known until bid opening, and it is possible to spend money on a design that the agency cannot afford to build. All too often, construction bids exceed the budget, and the Project must be re-designed to bring it within the budget, thus delaying completion. H. Agency CM with Multi-Prime Contracts One of the advantages of design-build can be achieved by a construction management (CM) to Manage design and over-all project coordination and then contracting directly with several contractors, which are then managed by the CM. Construction project management s services provided by a licensed architect, registered engineer, or licensed general contractor. Under this approach, the early phases of the project (earthwork, site utilities, and foundations) can be placed under contract before design of the building shell and interior is 100 percent complete, and the structural steel and other long lead-time components can be ordered. Then, the contracts for the early phases can be awarded to follow-on contractors. There are two types of construction managers. An agency CM is a consultant to the owner; an agency CM is not in the chain of privity between The owner and the contractor(s) and does not guarantee the cost of the work. An at-risk CM, on the other hand, essentially is a brokering general contractor. The at-risk CM is either in the chain of privity between the owner and the trade contractors or Guarantees that the aggregate price of the contracts will not exceed some maximum figure. Any individual or firm proposing to provide construction project management services shall provide Evidence that the individual or firm and its personnel carrying out onsite responsibilities have Expertise and experience in construction project design review and evaluation, construction Mobilization and supervision, bid evaluation, project scheduling, cost-benefit analysis, claims Review and negotiation, and general management and administration of a construction project. Which type of contract is better for design-build? Most suitable type of contracts is lump sum contract because the owner has essentially assigned all the risks to the contractor, who in turn can be expected to ask for a higher markup in order to take Care of unforeseen contingencies. Beside the fixed lump sum price, other commitments are often made by the contractor in the form of submittals such as a specific schedule, the management reporting system or a quality control Program. If the actual cost of the project is underestimated, the underestimated cost will reduce the Contractor s profit by that amount. An overestimate has an opposite effect, but may reduce the Chance of being a low bidder for the project. The scope of work, the price, the time of performance is already defined. Usually the contractors include allowance for contingencies in their bid price so the price Small and medium projects are most suitable for this kind of project where is the design is easy not Complicated and can be managed by one party. II-disadvantages The potential advantages of design-build do not come without risk. A. Less Control. Under traditional design-bid-build, the owner has full control over the details of the plans and Specifications and does not publish them for bids until it is satisfied that they reflect its Requirements, including functional and aesthetic preferences. With design-build, the owner gives up some of this control. i.e., advancing the level of design through the design development stage (30 percent or so) before award of the design-build contract. Of course, by doing so the owner may give up some of the advantages of design-build. B. Need for Earlier Requirements Definition With design-build, the owner must lock in its requirements much earlier. With traditional design-bid-build, if the owner is a little fuzzy on its functional or aesthetic Requirements, it can clarify them during the design phase after if sees where the designer is heading. But with design-bid-build, post-award programmatic changes can be very expensive and disruptive. C. Recommendation So, if the city (country) rules are not certain what it wants, traditional design-bid-build may be the better alternative. D. Compliance with Subcontractors The Subletting and Subcontracting Fair Practices Act, requires that bidders list their subcontractors with their bids. This can be a problem for a design-build bidder. Without detailed design drawings, the subcontractors cannot precisely estimate costs. But, listing a subcontractor without a firm subcontract price puts the design-build contractor at a disadvantage in subsequently pricing the subcontract work. A listed subcontractor has the prime design-build contractor over the proverbial barrel. This is a manageable problem for a design-build contractor with many of the same type of projects in an Area, as a subcontractor can only get away with gouging the design-build entity once. Parking garages and housing are good examples of where the design-build entities work with a group of subcontractors on a repetitive basis, and subcontractors can estimate their work on a perspace. or.pre-square.foot.basis. Design-build contractor shall search for competitive bids for subcontracts not listed with its prime bid. The problem with this approach is that it depends on specific legislative authorizations that do not apply to the country. Thus, the safest approach may be to require listing of subcontractors at time of bid, even though this may result in either the subcontractors or the prime design-build entity including some contingency and mark-up. E. Payment bonds Generally it is required a payment bond payable by the terms of the contract. However, when the design services and the construction are procured under a single contract, must the payment bond be in the full amount of the design-build contract or only in the amount of the Construction portion? Logically, it would seem that 100 percent of the construction portion would fulfil the intent of the statute.

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The Blast of War :: Dialogue Essays Creative Writing

The Blast of War "Boxer, this is flight control. The pattern is full; maintain current heading and set throttle to one-niner-zero." "Copy that Lincoln, one-niner-zero." Lieutenant Erica "Boxer" Swanson reached out to the cockpit console and pressed the button which would lock in her heading. Sitting back in her seat, she slid the throttle lever on her left slowly back until the display on the console counted down to read 190 MPS. With the flick of a switch above her head she turned off her electron shielding, noting the flicker of a greenish light outside her cockpit as the shielding dispersed. The Lieutenant then twisted in her seat to look over her shoulder at the hulk of a space cruiser behind her, the Abraham Lincoln. Slowly the larger ship moved towards her small fighter, swallowing it whole in the gaping hanger bay in its belly. Swanson heard a slight thump as flight crews pulled the fighter down into its docking bay via guidewires. She reached over and disengaged her thrusters and keyed the code to power down her engines and inertial dampener. "Boxer is down, I’m locked in. Over and out." The lieutenant reached over and flipped off the comm system even as the docking bay gave a slight lurch sideways, pulling her fighter through the airlock and into her fighter’s docking station. Automatically, the cockpit began to open and the fighter’s computer powered down as the flight crew took control of the plane. Lieutenant Swanson unbuckled her harness and slipped out of the cockpit, unstrapping and removing her helmet as she climbed down the eight foot ladder to the flight deck. With a nod to the crew chief, Erica slipped her helmet under her arm and began to weave her way through the crowd of deck crews rushing around securing the fighters. She stepped into the lift on the far side of the flight deck, nodding silently to the other pilot already there. The lift doors slid shut silently and the lift began to move through the cruiser. Erica looked over at the other pilot. "Well Spinner, welcome to war." Lieutenant Don "Spinner" Collins turned and studied her for a moment. "I think I liked boredom better." The Colonel stepped up to the podium and gazed around at the assembled pilots. In a booming voice not needing the assistance from the podium microphone, he began to speak. The Blast of War :: Dialogue Essays Creative Writing The Blast of War "Boxer, this is flight control. The pattern is full; maintain current heading and set throttle to one-niner-zero." "Copy that Lincoln, one-niner-zero." Lieutenant Erica "Boxer" Swanson reached out to the cockpit console and pressed the button which would lock in her heading. Sitting back in her seat, she slid the throttle lever on her left slowly back until the display on the console counted down to read 190 MPS. With the flick of a switch above her head she turned off her electron shielding, noting the flicker of a greenish light outside her cockpit as the shielding dispersed. The Lieutenant then twisted in her seat to look over her shoulder at the hulk of a space cruiser behind her, the Abraham Lincoln. Slowly the larger ship moved towards her small fighter, swallowing it whole in the gaping hanger bay in its belly. Swanson heard a slight thump as flight crews pulled the fighter down into its docking bay via guidewires. She reached over and disengaged her thrusters and keyed the code to power down her engines and inertial dampener. "Boxer is down, I’m locked in. Over and out." The lieutenant reached over and flipped off the comm system even as the docking bay gave a slight lurch sideways, pulling her fighter through the airlock and into her fighter’s docking station. Automatically, the cockpit began to open and the fighter’s computer powered down as the flight crew took control of the plane. Lieutenant Swanson unbuckled her harness and slipped out of the cockpit, unstrapping and removing her helmet as she climbed down the eight foot ladder to the flight deck. With a nod to the crew chief, Erica slipped her helmet under her arm and began to weave her way through the crowd of deck crews rushing around securing the fighters. She stepped into the lift on the far side of the flight deck, nodding silently to the other pilot already there. The lift doors slid shut silently and the lift began to move through the cruiser. Erica looked over at the other pilot. "Well Spinner, welcome to war." Lieutenant Don "Spinner" Collins turned and studied her for a moment. "I think I liked boredom better." The Colonel stepped up to the podium and gazed around at the assembled pilots. In a booming voice not needing the assistance from the podium microphone, he began to speak.

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Coffee shop Essay

Studying the fundamental reasons why the proponents aim to establish a business coffee shop’. A coffee shop or cafeteria businesses are already popular worldwide, too many names, establishment and products. Almost every coffee shop businesses stay long because of satisfying income. How about innovation to this business that have a risk but can probably maximize profit. Mobile coffee shops that acquired equipments that almost within a vehicle that travels to different places is definitely unique and new that’s why it is feasible. The proponents are aiming to study the reasons this business should be implemented and figured out a solution to all the problems that may encounter to the research. These are some reasons and problems: 1. An innovation should have a perfect research before implementing and it is bit difficult to introduce to the mass market. 2. Risky is involved because it can easily bump by other cars that it may destroy the vehicle full of machineries and high value assets and equipment that can probably explode. 3. Implementing is one of the hardest part because it has a lot of process and there were only few high-ways to trip, also it has limited places to go like traveling at the urban areas and primary highways. 4. Supply of coffee beans can be also limited, Benguet, the province itself produce supply of resources wherein the harvest is by season. 5. The weather of course can cause the profit loss especially here in Benguet where rainy season is mostly half-year. I. Project Summary I. 1 NAME OF THE BUSINESS â€Å" Clique Mobile Cafe Clique is the proposed name of the business because it’s a converted vehicle that in just one click it is transformed into a business mobile and it has Wi-Fi. In addition, ‘mobile’, as the word itself, it can travel to one place to another while the mobile itself is the kitchen. I. 2 BUSINESS LOGO I. 3 LOCATION Burnham Park Baguio City, Benguet I. 4 DESCRIPTIVE DEFINITION OF THE PROJECT Clique Cafe is a coffee shop that serves not only beverages but includes food, bread and pastry products. It has small kitchen, machineries in making coffee and pastry products and a small portable comfort room. The dining is an open area just outside around the vehicle wherein all the tables and chairs are portable including the tabernacles and tent that covers the place. It has a dimension of 21ft x 9ft x 9ft. It’s a food and beverage business which the main product is coffee. It travels to different places where people usually hang-out. Clique Cafe serves some beverages such as herbal tea, hot and cold Choco coffee. I. 5 VISION AND MISSION Vision: We aim to travel nationwide to provide the best quality coffee and bread for breakfast in every Filipino household that can purchase our most affordable product. We intend to promote tourism and make our own trademark name of coffee product that positions ourselves as premier coffee shop nationwide. Mission: To provide the best quality and most satisfying offer product with high standard services. To continuously promote teamwork and excellence in our establishment and provide a good environmental relationship between our employees and customers. I. 6 Objective There are two main products we aim to provide to our market. Our cafe will establish the commonly used style of coffee which is serving coffee and bread. But we want to make name for our own product. We aim in making our very own unique taste for our products that our market would want to have. We strongly believe that this would be possible by the aid of using indigenous raw product we have in Baguio. Being a city located in the Benguet Province, the province mainly produces harvest of coffee beans that have quality which can compete with its own flavor. This flavor is what we want to introduce in the mass market. The Province also is the main provider of fresh vegetables and fruits that our cafe can make use of in producing breads. We will able to make recipes from these indigenous products. These are the product that Clique Mobile Cafe would be proud of and carry under its brand. Clique Mobile Cafe goal is to satisfy our customer by the unique products with the very best of goods and services that we can offer. And we want our business and product will known all over the world. I. 7 History †¢Coffee History The history of coffee goes at least as far back as the thirteenth century with a number of myths surrounding its first use. The original native population of coffee is thought to have come from East Africa specifically to Ethiopia, and it was first cultivated by Arabs from the 14th century. The earliest credible evidence of either coffee drinking or knowledge of the coffee tree appears in the middle of the 15th century, in the Sufi monasteries of Yemen. By the 16th century, it had reached the rest of the Middle East, Persia, Turkey and northern Africa. Coffee then spread to the Balkans, Italy and to the rest of Europe, to Indonesia and then to the Americas. †¢Coffee shop History Coffeehouse and coffee shop are related terms for an establishment which primarily serves prepared coffee and other hot beverages. Cafe or cafe or c aff may refer to a coffeehouse, bar, tea room, small and cheap restaurant, transport cafe, or other casual eating and drinking place, depending on the culture. A coffeehouse may share some of the same characteristics of a bar or restaurant, but it is different from a c afeteria. As the name suggests, coffeehouses focus on providing c offee and tea as well as light snacks. Many coffee houses in the Middle East, and in West Asian immigrant districts in the Western world, offer shisha (nargile in Turkish and Greek), flavored tobacco smoked through a hookah. Espresso barsare a type of coffeehouse that specializes in serving espresso and espresso-based drinks. II. MANAGEMENT ASPECT BUSINESS ORGANIZATION A business organization is an individual or group of people that collaborate to achieve certain commercial goals. Some business organizations are formed to earn income for owners. Other business organizations, called nonprofits, are formed for public purposes. These businesses often raise money and utilize other resources to provide or support public programs. 2. 1 Partnership Partnership is a business organization in which two or more individuals manage and operate the business. Both owners are equally and personally liable for the debts from the business. Therefore the proponents will adopt the Partnership form of business. The proponents chose partnership because it’s not big and broad as a corporation and the capital is lesser than a larger business. The proposed project is easily managed by two or more people or the owners itself. ?Rules and Guidelines of Partnership One of the potential drawbacks of a partnership is that the other partners are bound to contracts signed by each other on behalf of the partnership. Choosing partners you can trust, and who are savvy, is critical. †¢Making Money Making money is the first rule because it is the biggest impetus for any deal. The deals that actually get done are the ones that can prove their worth. Companies often have a minimum monetary threshold, but if you can prove that a lucrative alliance can be made, then you should be in discussion about working together. †¢Naming Business Naming business partnership is actually a very important step in creating partnership agreement because it formally establishes the business entity for legal purposes. All documents referring to the partnership should use the partnership’s name, once you and your business partners register it. †¢Contribution to Partnership A partnership agreement must include the capital or property each of the partners is investing in the company. The agreement should also include what roles each partner will be performing when the business is operational, including managerial capacities and who controls the day-to-day operation of the business. The partners dedicate resources such as financial, technical, staff and reputational toward achieving agreed objectives over time. They also establish a new organization with shared governance and a management unit to deliver these activities. Partners don’t draw a salary and share profits and losses equally. Partners have a duty of loyalty to the other partners and must not enrich themselves at the expense of the partnership, and also have a duty to provide financial accounting to the other partners. †¢Allocating Profits and Losses Allocating profits and losses is a key element of company’s partnership agreement. This section of agreement determines how much money each partner stands to make, including what percentage of profit each member may receive, as well as what percentage of business losses each partner must absorb. It’s usually illegal to create a partnership agreement that assigns a higher percentage liability to a partner than the partner originally invested in the company. Keeping responsibility for losses commensurate with each partner’s percentage investment should preserve the legal integrity of the document. †¢Determining Partnership Authority Without specific language detailing each partner’s authority in the business, any partner can force the entire company into a binding legal agreement without the consent of your other partners. Clearly defining each partner’s power within the company to enter into binding agreements keeps the partnership from spreading itself too thin and making bad business decisions. This rule can also put a system in place for the partnership to make business decisions, including rules on voting and obtaining partner consent. The other rules would be found in a written partnership agreement. Such an agreement could outline procedures for making major business decisions, how profits and losses will be split, and how much control each partner maintains. 2. 2 Owner of the Business Clique mobile cafe is owned by Mr. John Ericson P. Amistad and Ahldrin L. Abellera. 2. 3 Organizational Chart MANAGER BARISTA BAKING CHEF SOUSE CHEF CASHIER WAITER/WAITRESS MAINTENANCE.

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A Study On The Patients Physical Examination, Social...

Case Study 1 Based on the patients physical exam, social activities, family history, recent laboratory results and imaging; from a nurse practitioner stand point I am concerned that the patient has coronary artery disease, new onset of congestive heart failure, as well as concerns that the patient may be suffering from depression. Mr. E. W. is an obese African-American male and has uncontrolled hypertension. Given Mr. E. W’s ethnicity, obesity and uncontrolled hypertension he is a likely candidate for coronary artery disease. The patient also presents with an ejection fraction of 46% and a prominent S3 sound upon auscultation. These findings are indicative of congestive heart failure. I am also concerned about the patient’s psychological well-being. The patient openly admits to drinking â€Å"several beers every evening to relax,† and is said to be a widower who lives alone. The patient also admitted to not speaking to his daughter for the past 4 years after she moved out wit h her aunt. These are signs and symptoms of depression coupled with poor coping strategies from tragic life events (CDEM Curriculum). Although there is a multitude of pre-existing as well as new medical conditions that are concerning, my focus during this annual check-up is the laboratory findings that are indicative of coronary artery disease (CAD). This is concerning because the patient has extensive nonmodifiable and modifiable risk factors for CAD. Nonmodifiable risk factors include that he is a male,Show MoreRelatedhkjhjh1374 Words   |  6 Pagesconnections to the religious and philosophical beliefs of each culture. For example, a medicine man would apply herbs and say prayers for healing, or an ancient philosopher and physician would apply bloodletting according to the theories of humorism. In recent centuries, since the advent of science, most medicine has become a combination of art and science (both basic and applied, under the umbrella of medical science). Thus, while th e perfect stitching technique for suturing an artery is still an art thatRead MoreSymptoms And Diagnosis Of Alzheimer s Disease3618 Words   |  15 Pagesparticular, rather than other conditions such as vascular dementia or fronto-temporal dementia for example. Earl symptoms may include problems generating people’s names or the correct names of objects, observable difficulty cognitively functioning in social situations, short term memory retention difficulty, continuously misplacing important objects, poor executive functioning, and a shift in mood such as depressive and irritable swings (Holsinger, Deveau, Bustani, Williams, 2007; Llewellyn, 2010). TheRead MoreThe Management Of Middle Aged Adult By An Adult Geriatric Nurse Practitioner2310 Words   |  10 Pages(Phoenix, Das, Joshi, 2012). If cellulitis is untreated, it may develop into a severe form of soft tissue or bone infection and result in high morbidity. Cellulitis is a common infection which tends to recur in a significant portion of affected patients after an initial episode, especially if the predisposing condition is chronic lymphedema (Chlebicki Oh, 2014). All patients present with cellulitis should be carefully evaluated to establish the risk of recurrence and reduce economical burden to healthcareRead MoreChild Abuse3642 Words   |  15 Pagesï » ¿ Child Abuse Abstract Thousands of children are abused every year and most of the time by members of their own families. A recent study carried out by the WHO estimated 1,273,000 children in America had been victims of some form of abuse in the year 1984. This report was based on projected or actual figures which were supplied by the official state liaisons for child abuse and neglect. It suggested a noticeable increase in the number of cases, up from an estimated 1,007,000 in 1981. The figuresRead MorePagbabago Ng Klima8154 Words   |  33 PagesVigan, City A TERM PAPER Facts About Alzheimers Disease (AD) Presented to: In partial fulfillment of the Course requirement of the subject SOCIAL SCIENCE (General Psychology) Presented by: TABLE OF CONTENTS TITLE PAGE i ACKNOWLEDEGMENT ii DEDICATION III I.INTRODUCTION A. Statement of the Problem B. Importance of the Study C. Scope and Limitations D. Definition of Terms E. Methodology II. PRESENTATION AND ANALYSIS A. B. C. D. E. F. III. SUMMARY IV. CONCLUSIONRead More‚Äà ºa Contemporary View on Health Care System in Bangladesh.‚Äà ¹14806 Words   |  60 PagesCHAPTER - 1 Introduction 1.0 origin and background of the report The report ‘‘A Contemporary view on Health Care System in Bangladesh’’ is the outcome of Internship Program which is a precondition for acquiring MBA Degree. Only curriculum activities are not enough for handling the real business environment, so it is necessary to get the better knowledge about the real scenario. The report is a requirement of the internship program for my MBA Degree. Conduction of Internship/ Dissertation startedRead MorePsychology Ncert Book 1 Chapter Notes11190 Words   |  45 Pagesdisciplines, and professions, and appreciate the value of psychology in daily life to help you understand yourself and others better. Contents Introduction What is Psychology? Psychology as a Discipline Psychology as a Natural Science Psychology as a Social Science Understanding Mind and Behaviour Popular Notions about the Discipline of Psychology Evolution of Psychology Some Interesting Landmarks in the Evolution of Modern Psychology (Box 1.1) Development of Psychology in India Branches of PsychologyRead MoreCase Study on Hypokalemia8797 Words   |  36 PagesIn Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in NCM 105 A Case Study on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus December 2010 Table of Contents Acknowledgement†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.. 3 Objective†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦. 4 Scope and Limitations............................. 5 Introduction†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.. 6 Review of Related Literature†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ 7-8 Case Analysis†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ 9 Health History†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.. 10 Family Genogram†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦. 11 Anatomy and Physiology†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦. 12-13 Pathophysiology†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ 14-17 Nursing Assessment Tool†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦. Read MoreDescription Of An Example Of A Presentation8050 Words   |  33 Pagesdevelopmental disability that typically appears during the first three years of life. The result of neurological disorder that affects the functioning of the brain, autism and its associated behaviors have been estimated to occur in as many as 1 in 500 individuals (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 1997). Autism is four times more prevalent in boys than girls and knows no racial, ethnic, or social boundaries. Family income, lifestyle, and educational levels do not affect the chance of autism’s occurrenceRead MoreCommunity Acquired Pneumonia18251 Words   |  74 Pagesabuse are all risk factors for having CAP. (Schmitt, 2011) Several tests can be performed to identify the cause of an individual s CAP.  X-rays  of the chest, examination of the  blood  and  sputum  for infectious  microorganisms, and  blood tests  are commonly used to diagnose individuals with suspected CAP based upon symptoms and physical examination. (Smeltzer, 2004) Most cases of pneumonia generally run an uncomplicated course. Complications may include the following: pleurisy, pleural effusion, atelectasis