Sunday, August 25, 2019

Communication Problems and Recommendations Case Study - 1

Communication Problems and Recommendations - Case Study Example It is evident that the employees within the company are not pleased with the tendency of Mr. XYZ to hire family members and friends. This has persisted because the employees have not been able to communicate their displeasure to the owner of the company. It is therefore recommended that the management of XYZ to establish a two-way communication process between the management so that the employees will be allowed to talk out their concerns. This would be achieved through forums and meetings where open discussions for improvement could be encouraged (Davis 278). It is through this that Mr. XYZ would be aware of the lateness of his son and the needs of the employees for the successful and efficient attainment of business goals and objectives. The behavior of Larry, Carlos, Juan, and Manny demonstrate a case where effective communication is disregarded by these four Spanish speaking individuals. This is revealed by the fact that they share jokes amongst themselves without involving the non-Spanish speaking individuals. It is evident that these individuals shut others away from communications. Moreover, they assume that other people would not understand what they are talking about. In this regard, it is true to assert that these individuals are barriers to effective communication. It is also possible that the Spanish speakers have not been told how important communication is in any social or professional setting. In the light of this case, it is recommended for those who get in contact with the Spanish speakers demonstrate to them the importance of communication so that they would not shut others from trying to initiate a conversation. Additionally, the cultural or ethnic element within an organization or social interactio n should be prevented from being a barrier to communication (Yi-Hui 334).

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